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While it can help to talk to a loved-one, friend or colleague on some occasions, Counselling and Psychotherapy provide an opportunity for you to talk to someone who is not involved, who will not offer you their opinion, nor give you advice. I will listen to whatever you have to say and, hopefully, help you come to a better understanding of how you feel, finding the answers within yourself.

‘Counselling’ and ‘Psychotherapy’ are terms that are often used interchangeably when referring to talking therapy.  There are a wide variety of Counselling and Psychotherapy trainings and approaches. It is difficult and, I believe, not especially helpful to try to make a clear-cut distinction between the two.

Counselling can sometimes refer to shorter-term work on specific issues, whereas Psychotherapy may imply longer-term work, at greater depth. However, we will assess, together, what is appropriate for you and we will review and adjust this as our work progresses. Ultimately, you decide what is right for you.

My training, in Integrative Psychosynthesis, draws on a number of approaches to Counselling and Psychotherapy, which I can use to adapt our work to meet your specific needs. Psychosynthesis itself was developed in the early 20th century based on a wide range of philosophies from both east and west, and this has been combined with aspects of, for instance, Jungian Psychology and Gestalt, to form Integrative Psychosynthesis. It places equal emphasis on past, present and future and can incorporate techniques such as working with images.

What is more important than techniques and methodologies, however, is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. It is important that you feel comfortable talking to your Counsellor, and that your Counsellor is open to working with whatever comes up in a way which is helpful for you. When people ask me about my approach what I really want to say is that ‘I go into a room with my client and we see what happens’.
Bereavement Counselling
Loss is a regular, natural consequence of our humanity. However, it can often be helpful to seek support when we are faced with death and other significant losses in our lives. As a trained Bereavement Counsellor, I am experienced in supporting people who are grieving following the death of a loved one. You may choose to seek support at the time, but it is equally common to do so at a much later date. Sometimes it is subsequent losses of various kinds which allow the pain of ungrieved losses to come to the surface.

Telephone Counselling and Online Counselling
I also offer Telephone Counselling and Online Counselling which may be more suited to your needs.
Please contact me if you would like to discuss working together, or have any questions.
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